A.F.8  Digital Clock - Example skins and User Submissions

Installation: Extract the ZIP archive into the A.F.8 "skins" folder. You find the "skins" folder in the folder where you installed the A.F.8 program files. 



Comic Download
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Digital Download
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Colors Download
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Monochrom Download
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Blackboard Download
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Win95-style Download
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User Submissions

Flow Chart Download
Author: Mr. Greg Hughes, Date: 02.01.2005
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Bus Download
Author: mvephoto, Date: 18.11.2004
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Tiny Countdown Download
Author: Thomas Mann, WWW: www.pixtur.de,  Date: 13.12.2003
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Balloons Download
Author: Mr. Wizard, Date: 19.01.2003
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Hourglass Download
Author: Mr. Wizard, Date: 01.01.2003
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Time bomb Download
Author: J, Date: 09.11.2002
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If you want to share your clock with the rest of the world, send your skins to webmaster@fauland.com. You find your skins in the "skins" folder of your A.F.8 installation. A complete A.F.8 skin consists of the following files:
skin_name.ini  ...  appearance settings
skin_name_b.bmp  ...  clock background bitmap
skin_name_d.bmp  ...  clock digits bitmap
skin_name_m.bmp  ...  message window background bitmap (optional)


The most difficult part of creating a skin is to paint a digits bitmap. To get a smooth animation, it is important that every digit is in correct position. An easy way to achieve this is to start with an image of the digit "8".

Copy this image 9 times and arrange all 10 digits in a row.

Now modify every image to create the digits 0 - 9.

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