Split your files.
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version: 2.2
date: 25.03.2001
os: Windows 9x/Me/NT4/XP
size: 758 KB
license: Freeware
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A.F.6 Split your files

A.F.6 splits a large file into several smaller files. Here are some examples of what you can do with A.F.6:

  • You can save a file that is larger than 1,4 MB on several floppy disks.
  • You can send a huge file in several e-mails to avoid problems with a too large attachment
  • As a webmaster you can offer an easier download of your large files by splitting them in smaller parts.


A.F.6 displays a blue bar that represents your file. The file bar not only shows how many parts you will create, but also lets you define the size of the split files and helps splitting a file into equal sized parts.
Additionally, you can select some standard file sizes from a list (e.g. Floppy disk, CD-R, ...) or specify your own values.

When saving the split files, A.F.6 automatically adds the file sequence number to the filename of each split part.


While splitting, A.F.6 makes no changes to the data of the original file. There is no additional information, like a file-sequence-number or anything else, stored in the split files. A.F.6 works like a pair of scissors cutting a file into pieces.

This way it is possible to join the split files with a simple COPY command.

But there is no need to type any commands at the DOS prompt. You can use A.F.7 Merge your files , that makes merging files as easy as dragging and dropping.

New features in this release:

  • Support for files larger than 2 GB.
  • The recent used split file sizes are saved in the "Size of split files" list.
  • Improved installation, repair and uninstallation.

see also:   A.F.7