Rename your files.
Quick Info:
version: 1.1
date: 04.06.2002
os: Windows 9x/Me/XP
size: 1080 KB
license: Freeware
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A.F.5 Rename your files

A.F.5 makes it easy to rename many files at the same time. Drag and drop your files from Microsoft® Windows® Explorer to the window of A.F.5, build new filenames and click Rename.

Here are some examples of what you can do with A.F.5:

  • Add a prefix or suffix to your filenames
  • Replace a string in your filenames
  • Cut characters from your filenames
  • Change the extension of your files
  • Convert your filenames to uppercase, lowercase, first letter uppercase, ...
  • Add a counter to your filenames (file01.dat, file02.dat, file03.dat, ...)
  • Add a file attribute (creation date, file size, ...) to your filenames
  • Import new filenames from a text file


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A.F.5 offers the following easy-to-use functions to build new filenames:

  • insert any strings
  • extract substrings
  • replace strings
  • insert counters (numerical and/or alphabetical)
  • insert file attributes (size, creation date, ...)
  • convert to uppercase, lowercase, ...
  • import filenames.

A.F.5 comes with a comprehensive online help and many examples that explain how to use the rename functions.

While building new filenames, the program always gives a preview of the filenames that you will get. But the files are not renamed until you click the Rename button.


Other features:

  • You can undo the last rename action
  • Create batch files for DOS with RENAME commands
  • Keep a log of all your rename actions
  • Assign a default value to every rename function
  • Save your favorite rename settings.


New features in this release:

  • Import filenames from a text file
  • You can save an unlimited number of rename settings
  • You can use command line parameters to start A.F.5 with files from specified directories
  • A.F.5 was completely re-designed to improve its performance when working with a large number of files.